“Listen as if you were there”

Hearing is a complex set of processes in which the human brain decodes information that reaches both ears. In conventional stereo recordings sound is usually reproduced in a range from left to right and with depth, thus simulating a proximity to or distance from the sound source. However, binaural sound technology further adds the variable of height, thus achieving a three-dimensional acoustic sensation. The result is a sound resembling the actual act of hearing by achieving the three-dimensional sensation of the sound spectrum and the time it takes each ear to receive the sound.

Since the world is three-dimensional, we ask ourselves, why continue to listen to music in stereo? 30 years ago we used to dream about taking binaural technology to homes. Technologically speaking, today, this is a reality and Metrica Recording Studio is a pioneer in the creation of specific content to do so, as well as reverse engineering of the highest level; 3D (Sfëar). 3D sound sends a different sound to each ear when heard through headphones that the brain then decodes, generating the three-dimensional sensation.

Following cinematic 3D visuals, three-dimensional sound is here to stay. It is considered that 3D sound will be the new standard in audio, as was stereo in the 50s and 5.1 systems from the 80s onward. Therefore, immersive sound will play the lead in the next entertainment industry revolution both in cinema and television and also in music.

Do you want to be part of the change? Come with us, and give shape to the content that the industry will cry out for shortly. Get to know three-dimensional music and its way of shaping silence.

“Welcome to tomorrow”

Thanks to 3D technology “listening” is transformed into an immersive experience where sounds come to life and are given spatial dimension. Listening to music now transcends the artistic and becomes an emotional dimension where the senses are amplified and the ear reaches a new paradigm since it perceives depth and height in the entire dimension of space, which is how we naturally perceive it. For the first time ever, hearing can now be organic and allow you to perceive music created and mixed as if it were being done in front of us thanks to three-dimensional technology. Hearing will now be a delicate journey through audio perception thanks to 3D music. Music has never been heard like this before.

In Metrica Recording Studio we travel to the future alongside you and transform your piece into a 3D and Binaural one while saving it in more classic formats (Stereo, Surround, etc.). Permit us to propose a new and much deeper way of comprehending music and sound. Allow us to transform your music into an aural experience to be enjoyed in every plane of acoustic space. Live the 3D experiences that we have already shaped in Metrica Recording Studio or listen to some of the artists that are building the future.

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